Passport Charges Payable only in Petro, the Venezuelan Government Declares

The residents of Venezuela can just utilize the nation-sponsored digital currency, the Petro, to acquire or renew passports beginning one week from now, the nation's VP Delcy Rodriguez announced in a public interview on 5th October.


Before Petro's formal "release" in next month, the Vice-president affirmed that as from 8th October, charges for all passport requests should be paid in Petro, and will be charged higher: two petros for each new passport applied and one petro for an renewing an old passport.

As per Bloomberg, the expense of the increased passport charges is four times higher than the normal month to month least possible salary permitted by law in Venezuela.

"For citizens who are out of the country, as from 1st Nov the expense will be $200 for new applications and $100 for renewals," 

the VP expressed, as indicated by a Top South American daily paper.

Venezuela is aiming to battle the impact of the widespread hyper-inflation and the tumbling economy by adopting the utilization of digital currency to bypass financial crunch.

As a web-based media detailed, Petro is Nicolas Maduro's (head of state) implied answer for the nation's monetary emergency, has reliably sought debate, with allegations a week ago guaranteeing its inventors plagiarized Dash’s whitepaper.

Alongside the increase in the passport charges, the VP additionally reported the arrangement of a new committed immigration police squad, apparently intended 

"to safeguard citizen’s security and manage immigration."

An international daily noted approximately 5,000 Venezuelans escape the country every 24 hours.

2 years ago

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