Parliament Approves Citizenship of Barbuda and Antigua Via BCH Investing

Antigua and Barbuda have now had their citizenship gates open to a much more accessible. The new act implemented by the parliament allows citizenship under the CIP Act through investments of BCH and others. Many of the applications submitted will see its applicants greatly benefit with the new amendment upgrade.


According to local news, Antigua’s PM has stressed the complete importance of cryptocurrency payment systems. According to him, markets will grow as cryptocurrency investors pour more funds into the system although investors that only transact with cryptocurrencies may be hesitant to take on full citizenship in a country with no solid crypto-payment method.

As he explains it, the country would eliminate any chance of joining the crypto-market under a no-crypto payment system, hence the decision. The new act also accepts certain fiat currencies and Euros. BCH representative Calvin Ayre is the creative mind behind the CIP. Under the act, individuals acquire full citizenship from Antigua and provide a wide array of benefits to those granted, including families. Exposure to more business within Antigua’s rising economy completely tax-free and travel by visa to over 130 countries globally.

As a means of settling concerns surrounding the national bank, offshore bank accounts have been opened by the CIP unit to acquire pay and store revenue within them. PM Browne states that it provides a good chance at operating offshore accounts for the country. Antigua considers Bitch Cash as the only true BTC on a belief that it shows the most potential as a coin although several other cryptocurrencies are included and welcomed. The CIP will provide Antigua with a massive boost to its growing economy through its citizenship protocol and bring in more contributors from all over.

2 years ago

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