Over 20 Crypto Exchange Sites Banned by Belgian Authorities

The nation's monetary controller has additionally issued another caution about the most utilized system in virtual Ponzi plans.


The Fiscal Administrations and Markets controller, FSMA in Belgium updated its list of banned crypto sites, adding 21 more sites to the list, as expressed on 26th October. The office additionally reminded speculators to be extremely careful before settling on any choice or taking an interest in dubious digital coin exchange offers.

Five of the banned websites were not accessible as of 13:42 Coordinated Universal Time on 26th October: The sites are,,, spare, and

The remaining sixteen are operating normally, however,,, and have the exact similar web-design, arrangement and interior content.,,, exchange, and guarantee that global payment solutions such as Visa and MasterCard offer them administration despite the fact that the logos of the four firms are stationary and don't immediate lead to their sites, unlike in typical business practices. and clarify that the two organizations have Android and iOS apps, however apps logos are stationary and don't direct to Google or Apple application stores. assures clients 3 to 5% month to month profits while aims at investors with an "elective investing approach" of supporting. and each asserts that their platform bolsters interest in BTC while provides exchange in various cryptos such as DASH, XLM, ZEC, and LTC.

The last exchange site on the FSMA’s list of banned crypto exchange sites is, however a Cryptovest visit to the site on 25th October demonstrates that the site’s design has already been altered and currently provides video on requested administrations.

"Fraudsters may contact you in various distinctive methods... The technique may change: purchasing of cryptos, bank accounts dependent on cryptographic money, administration contracts, Initial Coin Offerings, and so forth." 

the Fiscal controller clarified in the digital currency investments caution.

"Whatever the technique used, the (false) guarantees are usually similar: abnormally high rates of returns, frequently about 8% every month (or considerably higher!); the likelihood of easy withdrawals of your cash and whenever you need it ('in a couple of snaps'); the assets stored are insured (frequently at 100%!), which implies that regardless of whether the market is breaking down, you will get back your original resources which you had invested, which makes this an extremely protected sort of speculation.

Up until now, FSMA has shut down crypto locales a number of times with the most recent inclusions bringing the aggregate number to 99 platforms.

2 years ago

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