ORACLE Trip to Tron’s Headquarters in San Francisco, Might Be an Indicator of Better Things Ahead

In a tweet that clearly demonstrated Sun's eagerness regarding the eventual fate of TRX, the leader of the venture educated the cryptosphere in a summit that took place at their San Francisco HQ. The gathering involved the blockchain group from Oracle: the U.S located multinational PC database stalwart.


In the tweet, Justin proposed that the discussion was geared towards examining savvy deals, tokenization and the likelihood of a collaboration.

Could It Wind Up in a Collaboration?

Devoid of any official word from the two companies, it is difficult to talk about what precisely was talked about regarding investigating any association. Earlier in the week, another media outlet had hypothesized that an as of late collaboration betwixt Tron and Baidu, would have been the foremost of the bunch.

With an operational mainnet that has worked perfectly since its launch, Tron has beaten a great deal of FUD and rose successfully in the exemplary Horation Algeresque pull yourself up by your own bootstraps tale, that shall be narrated in the cryptosphere for a couple of years henceforth. The group behind the task has substantiated itself on various occasions and it is evidently telling that a group from Oracle has come knocking.

Regardless of whether it shall result in a joint-venture, is a question that still needs answering. We shall need to keep a watch out if there will be a second summit or more correspondence between both camps.

Similitude’s Amid Tron and Oracle

There are a couple of similitudes amid Tron and Oracle. First of all, the originator of Oracle, Ellison, began the organization in a way like how Sun saw a hole in the blockchain business. On account of Oracle, Ellison was interested with database plan and was motivated additionally by a paper composed by Codd on rational database frameworks known as "A Rational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks". This can be contrasted with how Sun saw the master plan of Satoshi's visualization of decentralization. Sun, in the end, chose to decentralize the Internet with BitTorrent as the focal point.

Oracle likewise began off small and wound up procuring different companies en route. Precedents of these organizations are PeopleSoft, Sun Microsystems, BEA Systems, Netsuite, MICROS Systems and Siebel Systems and that's only the tip of the iceberg. We can compare this to the as of late obtaining of BitTorrent by TRON and foresee that there may be more acquirements in the pipeline.

In the event that we take Oracles' adventure beginning the 70s for instance, and contrast it with Tron, it can be observed that TRON is simply beginning in its voyage of turning into a force to reckon with in the blockchain business. Sun's vision shall traverse an epoch of 10 to 20 years. Thusly, it may be savvy to hang around and HODL.

2 years ago

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