Oracle Launches Public BC Cloud Service

On the 16th of July, software provider Oracle released the public version of their new BC cloud service. Previously used by mega-companies during its earlier stages, the platform is now available to the public for a cost.


The tech giant launched the first commercial version of the blockchain service for users and allows them to experiment with blockchain. Prior to its public release, an earlier version was launched for banking companies as well as managing corporate supply chains. Oracle, among several other leading tech enterprises, have been working on blockchain-based services for public use. 

The company’s Executive Vice President, Amit Zavery, stated that the company’s Cloud Platform was in the initial phase as of now and its popularity is already a hit. Currently, blockchain seems to be the more popular tech, as opposed to cryptocurrencies.

While many have made their negative opinions on cryptocurrencies public, they continue to be deeply invested and interested in the development and application of blockchain tech. As evident through the unreliable and heavy price drops this year, blockchain products, platforms and more have been rising at an incredible pace. Binance is one of the few companies to invest massive funds into cloud platforms built on the blockchain. 

Before its release to the public, the company’s new cloud system was promoted properly and gathered the desired reactions. Big name companies like Solar Site and CargoSmart are already operating on the new blockchain cloud system. Through utilizing blockchain technology and incorporating the tech into their systems, both companies can expect to see faster, safer and more efficient delivery transactions and untouchable records requested by the public as well as stronger delivery tracking and monitoring. 


The company also avoids applying incredible costs to use their services by allowing a user to pay-per-transaction as part of the standard costs placed on the cloud system. Contradictory to the decentralized nature of blockchain frameworks, many companies introduce membership fees. 

Blockchain has clearly made its first and grand impression on the enterprise industry. More clients, customers, companies, and others are often hesitant in exploring emerging technology if it isn’t associated with blockchain in any way. While blockchain technology provides companies with incredibly propositions and applications, its mainly used to enhance security, efficiently manage pricing and more. 

As opposed to decentralized platforms, centralized ones usually offer heavily-costing services and memberships, as well as much slower transaction speeds and are fairly vulnerable to threats. As blockchain essentially functions as a public, shared and transparent service, companies adopt the tech due to its unparalleled information storage qualities.

2 years ago

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