Opera Mini PC Browser To Have Inbuilt Crypto Wallet

Opera Mini desktop browser users will now access the crypto wallet that is already running on mobile devices. According to Opera Ltd, the rollout was due to a positive outcome from the mobile version.

Opera which has 322 million users PC wallet was tailored to handle two aspects. Users will not be required to install extensions in the browsers. With the new model, users will only link the PC with a wallet enabled on the mobile app. The access will be through scanning a QR code.

Additionally, keys will be stored using the phone’s secure system. In this case, users will use their fingerprints to sign transactions. Before, long passphrases were used to gain access. Keys running the assets will be stored in the user’s phone.

Charles Hamel from the Norway based browser said that the new browser feature will eliminate the use of extensions that are tedious. The new Opera Mini browser version will support the ETH, ERC-20 tokens and ERC-721 collectibles. In the future, there are plans to add more digital currencies.

The long-term strategy entails adding more cryptos to the platform. Hamel added that the company wants to take the lead in innovations. The firm seeks to make cryptocurrencies more mainstream. He maintained that the blockchain technology has the capability of changing the internet. The platform is meant to make big changes in the market soon.

2 years ago

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