Only 37% of BTC Addresses Are Economically Relevant

The company Chainalysis conducted a study of the BTC wallets activity. It turned out that of the 460 million existing addresses, only 37% have at least some economic relevance.

According to Chainalysis, the Bitcoin blockchain currently consists of 460 million crypto wallet addresses. Of these, only 37% (172 million) is at least at some point economically relevant. They belong to both ordinary people and various services. But 86% (147 million) accounted for famous exchanges or trading platforms in the darknet. Only 27 million of them hold BTC.

Chainalysis determined that between August and October this year, all BTC users conducted transactions worth $41 billion. Only $9 billion of them were economically relevant.

Before the last collapse of the cryptocurrency market, wallets increased accumulations in cryptocurrency, according to Chainalysis. In June, wallets received Bitcoins worth $300 million. By November 1, this figure increased to $400 million.

1 year ago

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