OneHash to Revolutionize Gambling Games

OneHash, a one of a kind gambling service based on BTC has just announced the launch of two new games called Moon and Goals. Through the new service, players will enjoy their favorite games while also earning bitcoin rewards.

The Games

Moon is a new game that enables players to possibly win over rewards up to x1000. Players will go through the game on a mission to climb to the highest possible level without getting shot down. The game itself is designed like other famous games like the chicken model.

Additionally, players can check on the latest scores by other players and how many bonus BTC’s they’ve earned and the entire purpose of the game is to win as many bonuses as possible before losing.

Goals is played by scoring as many successful goals as possible before missing or being blocked by the keeper. Goal also offers Bitcoin rewards to players and grants bonuses up to x43544. The game was launched in light of the recent World Cup this year although it has gained a lot of favor among its player-base. Both games have been added to the Dice and Slot games available on OneHash and the platform's founders have vowed to create and add even more games soon.

Eric Baker, the OneHash BM has stated that the platform is consistently monitoring and studying online casino games presented to players by rival platforms. In light of these analyses, OneHash has determined many follow the same traditional and repetitive concept of gaming in both gameplay and appearance. OneHash aimed at creating more interactive and unique games and both newly released games are the first move in many more to come.

He adds that both games have been massively and positively accepted by participants and feedback has exceeded any expectations. The platform was launched in 2014 as a one-stop for all wagering including BTC, as well as a sportsbook and online casino. OneHash enables its players to make bets on any significant sport-related events and unrelated ones including celebrity events like the Oscars and more.

As of now, OneHash is currently the only platform that allows players to mutually bet through its special service. Mutual wagering is essentially a system designed to pool all collected bets payouts are calculated by distributing the pool along with all involved winners.

2 years ago

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