OneGram Winner of Best Digital Platform for Islamic Fintech

The Islamic Finance Awards ceremony, which takes place every year in Bosnia and Herzegovina, recognized digital platform OneGram as the leading Islamic financial technology initiative for 2018.

The awards, now in their 8th year, were hosted in the capital Sarajevo. The country’s president was in attendance accompanied by the Djibouti president. The remaining audience consisted of various politicians, academicians, businesspeople, and also scholars who influence the field.

Islamic finance must be in compliance with the laws of Shari’ah. Even though the sector is conservative in nature, it has been growing constantly particularly following the 2008 crisis.

Currently, Islamic assets have reached more than $2 trillion, in which just one percent of international financial assets continue to grow and attract a large number of customers in Islamic countries, including Malaysia where the industry was born, KSA, Turkey, the UAE, and Qatar. Together they make up eighty percent of financial assets following Islamic guidelines, mostly as bank assets.

Global Islamic Financial Awards

GIFA was launched by Edbiz Co. back in 2011 to immediate popularity worldwide. The aim of the award ceremony is to give recognition to the best developments in the field. The categories range from banking innovations across the sector to recognizing achievements by scholars and professors of Shari’ah.

Winners are those who have promoted excellent accomplishments in accordance with Shari’ah rules and laws, display responsibility and are committed to Muslims, or make an outstanding contribution to sustaining Islamic finance internationally among the financial sector.

GIFA has named OneGram, which is based in Dubai, the leading digital project in Islamic financial technology this year for their amazing innovations that are designed within the Shari’ah rules.

The team expressed how they feel honored to have received the award, which to them represents a deep commitment to keep up that same level of creative innovations to the entire industry.

OneGram is the first of its kind, a non-reliant BTC system defined by a P2P protocol. The goal is for the platform to be a cryptocurrency based on Shari’ah laws, backed up by gold, allowing OneGram to move Islamic finance a great step towards the future while embracing modern groundbreaking tech. The project is already gaining popularity worldwide, becoming definitive proof that Islamic finance is sustainable in a time that introduces countless disruptive creations and technologies.

Great Possibilities for OneGram

OneGram introduces a number of different innovations to the crypto market. It is a defining initiative wrapped in state-of-the-art blockchain tech. Its possibilities are endless for expansion to become the biggest digital crypto platform because it’s not defined by physical restrictions. OneGram embraces the best technology to maintain control over financial assets in mere seconds, with tools for cryptography to endure the best security levels.

The fact that it’s backed up by gold means its value will continue to grow exponentially, depending on the level of transactions. OneGram's stable operations prevent fraud; moreover, considering that it’s based on social parameters that define responsibility as well as charitable views makes it truly exceptional within the cryptocurrency market.

2 years ago

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