A One-Stop Plan for Fake News Combatting

A new initiative has gone underway as a means of developing and utilizing blockchain technology to combat the incessant amount of fake news circulating around the globe. Similar to methods used by BTC, the plan is set to launch in order to heavily shed the excess amount of unreliable and false news.

It's Fake

The term itself, fake news, has become a commonly mentioned one following the excess use of the term by President Donald Trump following his election as the US President back in 2016. As it stands, fake news is now listed among the highest and most dangerous threats to the nation. In June of 2018, the House of Commons committee began exploring possible solutions in order to deal with the fake news plague.

Eleesa Dadiani, a businesswoman, explained her plans to tackling this threatening issue and continued speaking about how fake news was continuously spreading through televisions, smartphones and any other method of relaying unreliable information and hinders any truths from being revealed to the people through this restricted method of reporting. Additionally, she mentions search engine optimization and click-pay online listings and attributing a common link to the fake news with simply those who possess more money.

Dadiani Syndicate is a specialized company owned by Eleesa Dadiani aims at aiding her during her campaign against fake and misleading news and the development of blockchain-tech and its utilization as a means of paving the way for more beneficial and reliable trading routes. According to her, events like the recent Facebook user data controversy have shed a light on how unsafe and unprotected personal information can be in the hands of certain figures as a means of manipulating the public through influence and business targeting.

Additionally, Dadiani describes Bubblr, the new initiative, as what Google should have been from the very beginning and states that Bubblr is technologically equipped to identify, analyze and handle similar problems. An ICO is also planned for Bubblr to fund the project and is being launched at a time following MIT and a recent publishing of their studies into the matter, revealing that fake news heavily overshadows legitimate and authentic news online. As more of these fake and unreliable stories are released each day, they spread faster and farther than actual news.

2 years ago

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