One More Day For Start-Ups To Apply For Boost VC Funding

Boost VC has emerged as an option that provides funds for such firms in a campaign to push for mainstream adoption.


Boost VC Last Call To Crypto Startups

Boost VC has emerged as a key player in the growth of cryptocurrencies. The platform enables startups to expand upon creation. The pre-seed venture fund has established itself as a strategic investor in crypto's budding companies. The funding runs through the accelerator program. Applications for the funding are now open and interested entities have about 24 hours to join the Tribe 12 class.

Since its inception, Boost VC has become a serious player in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector. Once applications for the accelerator program are opened, a number of ventures usually show interest to join. Since the seed fund began operations, more than six dozens of firms have received funding. The firm is led by VC legend Adam Draper. However, not all applicants are granted funding, thus bringing the need for maturing a number of new entrants into the sector.

Recently, Boost VC notified startups to submit their applications under the Tribe 12 accelerator initiative. The interested parties must comply with certain guidelines for them to be considered. Looking at the applications, blockchain inter-operability tools seem to be in demand.

Additionally, funders appear to be keen when it comes to regulatory arbitrage. Investment companies want to explore this area that has been the center of attention in the crypto community.

Boost VC is interested in providing funds for dApps

It is key to note that Boost VC boasts a number of success stories. Projects like EtherScan, Aragon and  MyCrypto are among the success stories overseen by Boost VC. The firm aims to ensure that such companies keep performing well for the longest amount of time possible. At this point, Bitcoin is about to celebrate a decade since inception by Satoshi Nakamoto. Such a fete is crucial for the cryptocurrency sector, bringing attention back to what an achievement has been reached in a short time frame.

At the moment, crypto adoption is slow with many arguing that they do not appeal to the mainstream financial sector. This issue has been around for a while and many are trying to find a way of overcoming it. Boost VC was put in place to assist up and coming firms in clearing a number of barriers, so as to have the mainstream appeal. Currently, Boost VC is looking for gaps that are responsible for the slowed adoption of cryptos.

To receive funding, Boost VC is urging any crypto firm to apply. However, the firm will review the applications closely. The firm will be looking at innovative products that are needed to push for mainstream adoption.

The focus is now on the regulatory aspect and Boost VC is acutely aware of  this factor. The firm assists companies to comply with existing regulations.

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