One Billion Transactions A Day In Sight With Ethereum 2.0

With inflation, there is the need for more daily transactions due to the devalued currency. 


One Billion Transaction In  a Day Getting Close

For months now, ethereum developers have been working to launch the ethereum 2.0. The version is considered to be the ethereum killer. The aim of this version was to enable close to one billion transactions in a span of 24 hours. The system was to work through a decentralized blockchain that is secure.

Ethereum seeks to beat bitcoin which can manage 300, 000 daily transactions. At the moment, ethereum can handle 1.4 million exchanges a day while bitcoin cash stands at 2.2 million in the stress test period.

Ethereum has been focusing its energies on tinkering especially at the edges for optimization. Deploying drop propagation can be a major step towards achieving this goal since it improves efficiency. On the other hand, easy compression of data can lower the orphan rates.

It is projected that such efficiency deployment can permit about 5 million transactions in a single day. However, hitting the billion mark we need a revolutionized system. Sharding is needed to meet this ambitious goal.

Sharding works by splitting nodes into categories. In this case, a group approves transactions instead of a single node doing the work. The transactions are then combined.

Previous analysis shows that we can have about 1024 shards. In comparison to the current numbers, each shard will have 20 nodes which way below the target.

From the technical side, the present nodes are not incentivized. It means that no individual is required to operate an ethereum node. Such an operation can only be handled by a miner or a trading platform.

Upon the launch of ethereum 2.0, everything is expected to change. Operators will be paid via staking. Under this model, no individual is required to operate a node since stakers are perfect miners which deploy ethereum to show that they are real. The verification will come in place instead of proof of work.

However, it advisable for stakers to operate nodes since the design rewards the special setups. It is expected that node figures will soar higher.  A node will be of great importance to ethereum 2.0.

Soon, ethereum will be looking for a trillion transactions in a single day due to a number of reasons. Many currencies are being devalued through inflation meaning that many people will be turning to cryptos. The need for increased transactions per day then increases.

2 years ago

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