OmiseGo Project: New Listing and Trading Earnings

Since October 29, the coin is being traded on one of the largest world exchanges Kraken. Now, cryptocurrency owners can hope for a quick increase in its value, because after each new listing, the positions of the coin are strengthened.

Cryptocurrency OmiseGo is a scalable network for making financial payments. It has real practical application, stable and popular token.

Can I make money?

Let's talk about trading. The coin has risen since the end of October. At Coinmarketcap, the price before listing on Kraken is $ 0.83. After listing on the exchange — $ 1.08. At the time of writing, volatility has declined. The cost has stabilized — $ 0.95.

This is one of the most interesting and promising projects. But trading on Kraken needs verification. And to trade you need to be a major investor. Watch currency pairs on Exrates. Trade cryptocurrencies with a minimal starting investment. After all, the price of OMG will increase.

Future of OMG coin

We recently wrote about the OmiseGo project. It is developing at a rapid pace. A little earlier, the project was added to the coalition of blockchain companies called the Universal Protocol Alliance.

The official UP coalition token has been added to the payment processing system. Now, OmiseGo users can use this stablecoin when conducting financial transactions, collecting taxes and commissions. This expands the possibilities and affects the stability of the project.

We will continue to follow interesting projects and tell you how to make money on altcoins. Always your NakamotoJedi!

1 year ago

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