OKEx Exchange Platform Introduces Cardano To Listing

OKEx has just announced its latest addition to the platform, Cardano. As one of the leading crypto-trading exchanges, it is yet another significant step for the company. OKEx provides several financial services on an international scale for those utilizing blockchain-tech.

The Platform

Star Xu, the chief executive officer of Okcoin, founded the exchange in 2014 and as of today, the platform offers several hundred digital token trades as well as consistent pairing trades to provide a larger platform for any traders and has seen several million dollars from other major industries as investments.

Earlier in 2018, OKEx announced its decision to further expand its services to Malta, one of the most accepting nations of cryptocurrency and often referred to as the world’s blockchain capital, as part of its welcoming regulations regarding crypto. Cardano, on the other hand, is a digital platform operating the blockchain for ADA coins. Created by IOHK, the company is directed by Charles Hoskinson, former co-founder of Ethereum and others and plans on facilitating digital contracts, dApps, metadata and much more.

Cardano saw its launch last year during September and its official launch took place in Japan. Using RINA tech, the platform produces its native token as well as utilizing a programming code named Haskell and has seen considerable development in 2018.

Still Early

Currently, Cardano is still a relatively new project although its latest upgrade will be revealed next year under the name of Shelly. The new version will provide key features of a fully decentralized and safer platform.  Another public trading exchange, eToro, will include Cardano on its list and introduce the currency to millions throughout Europe and Asia.

2 years ago

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