OKEx Exchange Adopts New TRON Currency

Only a month following its launch of the network on the TRON platform, many cryptocurrency exchanges are still upgrading their systems to accommodate the new currency.

OKEx is among the first digital exchanges to announce their support of TRON tokens, followed by statements from TRON’s CEO expressing his joy regarding the completed update by the exchange to resume trading in TRX.


The new main net was released in May, named the Odyssey 2.0. The company also plans to compete with Ethereum by provide the necessary support of developing decentralized applications.


Almost 80,000 viewers tuned in to view the events on June 25 live-streamed by the company, marking the date as the newly formed network’s Independence Day. Over 50M worth of TRX tokens were destroyed that day to reduce the amount of tokens available in circulation.

Transparent Future


TRON’s CEO has shown clear communication to the community, thoroughly explaining his plans as the platform continues to receive global support.


Many top figures in the cryptocurrency industry have expressed their own support of the new system as well as investing heavily in the project given its potential.


Lucas Nuzzi, a leading figure in the cryptocurrency industry praised the new TRON framework, saying that he’d studied the platforms entire code. As of this day, everything related to TRON and its platform promises to be one of most important networks in the near future.  

2 years ago

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