Oasis Labs Receives $45M Fundraiser Led by A16z

Andreessen Horowitz, also known as a16z, recently oversaw the company’s new fundraiser aimed to supply and support Oasis Labs, the startup dedicated to designing a new platform able to go head-to-head with Amazon’s.

Oasis Labs

Several big names involved in crypto contributed to the new fund, pouring investments worth $45 million to jumpstart Oasis Labs and source their project. Following a press conference, the contributing figures involved were Accel, Binance, Fred Erhsam and many more industry leaders. 

As of now, Oasis Labs is overseeing the fundamental features of its new system, scheduled to be tested by the company privately before its official launch. Oasis Labs’ blockchain provides a promising future given the structural integrity and design behind the platform. The blockchain itself conducts transactions faster and efficiently without forfeiting any security and protective measures, providing a safer and more reliable network for its users.

The company’s CEO has compared Oasis Labs to Ethereum’s functioning platform, stating that the new project will operate even more efficiently than the world’s current leading platform. Its core design introduces the first-of-its-kind technology supporting artificial intelligence and the frameworks ability to “learn”, adapting to regular changes and protocols that may occur.


Dawn Song addressed two fundamental aspects of the project, explaining that customer and asset privacy and security were designed with the utmost of focus and innovation. The new platform guarantees keeping every bit of classified data private and every transaction will hold onto the details behind it through a solid protection protocol.

She also explained the interactive and educational features that will be implemented into the framework, stating that developers and users will be able to interact directly during transactions, such as providing in-the-moment training and more. The platform will be fully compatible with Ethereum, making the transition easier for newcomers.

2 years ago

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