Now Singapore Can Trade with Cryptocurrency Visa Cards

Crypto assets have now made their entrance into the debit card sphere. While crypto Visa cards have made a somewhat shaky introduction, now Singapore is next to adopt the highly-sought-after trend.


The card, dubbed the MCO Visa Card, can be delivered directly to investors’ homes, and with it one can purchase items in various ways without extra charges.

Multiple Advanced Functions

A diverse range of facilities comes along with the card. One primary advantage is an exchange system that does not require any fees.

To be eligible for the card, users can apply via the app’s own application form, which can be downloaded. One can make reservations for a metal card electronically, via their mobile wallet or in the card app.

The card also features fraud prevention elements- the cardholder is capable of freezing or unfreezing the card by themselves through the in-app dashboard. This is the ultimate solution, particularly in Singapore, a world-renowned shopping and retail region.

CEO Response

Co-founder and CEO of, Kris Marzalek, says he is very pleased with this milestone and he and his team have been working tremendously hard to try to shape the world’s transition into cryptocurrency.

The card is in many ways similar to the ordinary Visa card, which comes in a wide variety of card choices. Hopefully, the trend will continue to spread to other corners of the world, as a multitude of consumers would be delighted to be in possession of an MCO Visa Card.

2 years ago

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