'Now, I Want Ethereum Even If It Is a Scam' Elon Musk tweets...

The determined cryptocurrency con artists on Twitter are plainly getting to Elon Musk. 

Twitter is beginning to increase its endeavors to stop digital currency scams that mishandle this medium and target clueless clients. The organization says it has outlawed over 400 accounts which have taken part in manipulating users.

Con artists routinely make Twitter profiles that are almost similar to prominent personalities in the realm of technology and digital currency, then put on a show to offer free Ethereum and different cryptocoins. The digital criminals advise clueless users to send them a little measure of cryptocoins and guarantee to send a bigger sum consequently, which does not happens.

The prohibition of the 400 accounts is just a negligible action contrasted with the huge number of cryptocurrency con artists on Twitter.

Immediately Musk found out about the most recent prohibitions, he kidded about how persuading and determined the con artists are – persuading enough to influence him to want to possess some Ethereum.

Last month Musk twittered that he was awed by the Twitter scammers "Distraught skillz".

Earlier in the start of the year, Musk had publicized that he possess a little measure of digital money. He is a hodler of 0.25 BTC that a companion sent him numerous years back.

2 years ago

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