Norwegian Man Fiercely Killed Following Face to face Bitcoin Exchange

A gentleman who is originally from Norway was fiercely wounded to death soon after finishing a face to face money for bitcoin transaction, and detectives trust that the two occasions might be connected.


As per a Norwegian television channel, the murder happened on 15th October, at the 24-year-old injured individual's flat in Majorstuen, a rich estate in Oslo, possibly in the morning hours when one of his flatmates found him dead.

Sources inside the Oslo police division revealed to the television channel that the unfortunate casualty had just finished a bitcoin exchange a few hours before the sad episode and that others inside his group of friends knew about this digital money transaction.

Grete LIen Metlid, the leading officer at the Oslo police division's knowledge and examinations department, said to the media that detectives knew about a thing or two about the conceivable bitcoin exchange, however he refused to explain deeper.

"We know something about the BTC exchange, however right now we won't give more data about the examination," 

stated Metlid, as indicated by a brief interpretation, including that the office researches "broadly" and that "financial thought processes" are dependably an essential sector that interests specialists.

At the moment of composing this article, the police hadn’t found any suspicious individuals, neither had they made any captures. According to Television channel, legal examiners kept on researching the crime scene all through the evening hours of 17th October.

2 years ago

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