Nimbus Sharding Client Revealed for Ethereum

Status, a public mobile platform for decentralized applications, has revealed their latest Nimbus client aimed at enhancing sharding and scalability of Ethereum. According to the browser, their main mission is to eventually spread the adoption of Ethereum as far as possible. The process of sharding takes large amounts of databases and splits them into smaller and more manageable pieces referred to as shards of data.


First of its Kind

The original mobile Ethereum OS, Status is completely decentralized and operating solely with P2P networks. Any users may purchase, sell or store their ETH and several other digital coins and sift through several dApps on the platform with ease. Status then began developing Nimbus as a means of adding to the scaling of ETH already preset and expanding its accessibility.

Additionally, Nimbus is working on implementing sharding, lite clients, and ETH-based tech emerging. The new client operating on Ethereum 2.0 was developed to integrate with portable devices and will also operate efficiently and seamlessly on the Internet of Things devices.

Status said online that the new Sharding Client was developed to operate fully and perfectly on mobile devices, adding that the client would accelerate iteration and any studies related to scaling will see increased and more promising outcomes and aid Ethereum on its quest as a decentralized blockchain.

Nim was the choice for the programming language and the team had decided to utilize it given its easy makeup, and in light of this, making it the most suitable PL for several devices. Adding to the post on their website, they wrote that the team behind Nimbus was fully equipped with resources, expertise and fully thorough knowledge and understand of blockchain tech.

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin expressed optimism towards the new project, posting on Twitter in support of Nimbus.

2 years ago

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