NiceHash Repays 60% of BTC Funds Stolen Last December

According to recent reports, bitcoin marketplace and provider for cloud mining services based in Slovenia, NiceHash, officially paid back users sixty percent of the stolen funds amounting to 4,700 BTC. The company experienced a hack last December and has been attempting to rectify the situation since. 


International Intervention Aims to Aid in Investigations

The STA local news station reported that officials continue to investigate the cyber attacks with international legal support to get to the source of the issue. These interventions may affect the length of this ongoing investigation. Claiming to be among the largest digital asset mining marketplaces, NiceHash serves as a middleman between those who purchase and resell hashpower. The hackers managed to steal up to 4,700 BTC during its peak phase, amounting to a value of approximately $64M USD at the time. 

NiceHash’s Plan to Set the Record Straight

 The NiceHash platform resumed full function only fourteen days after the cyber hack promising to reimburse all affected clients with monthly payments. The installment plan began last February, two months after the incident. NiceHash spokesperson stated that all stolen funds will be returned at the same value, and affected users will have the ability to to track this payment plan.  

It  was encouraged for all users to keep up with the progress of their stolen funds, and immediately contact NiceHash if any issues were noticed with repayments. The reimbursed funds are to be paid back in the form of BTC despite the major dip in bitcoin value since the cyber attack. During December, BTC ranged at values of $20K USD whereas today, if falls around $7K making repayments even more difficult for the Slovenian platform. 

2 years ago

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