Nic Crater Hits Back at Crypto Critics in the Most Sarcastic Way

Nic Carter has come out to dismiss the critics detailing that they are being hypocritical. 


Nic Crater’s Response to Crypto Critics

Nic Carter has hit back at bitcoin critics as the crypto prices continue to drop. Carter who is the co-founder of Coinmetrics has reacted illustrating his argument using a FUD dice.  Last week, Carter published a blog post targeting critics such as Warren Buffet. He offered fresh criticism to the leading economic big shots who have held a cold shoulder towards cryptocurrencies.

He also highlighted areas where he disagreed with the critics. Critics are on the record using bitcoin’s shortcomings to share the dissatisfaction of the entire crypto world. Topics such as the currency’s 21 million fixed supply and volatile nature alongside mining costs are common among such critics.

In his rejoinder, Carter deployed forms of sarcasm to drive the point home. He cited bitcoin’s permissionless system that is open to everyone. He noted that it was ironical for cristic to question cryptos free flow of money yet at the same time they are bound by capital controls.

In comparison with 99bitcoins’ Obituaries Column, that details all mainstream media reports on bitcoin’s death, Carter is also doing the same. He is using a dice to come up with his own obituaries to warn about bitcoin’s upcoming doom. The dice are available for purchase. A single client has a chance to buy six dice before the stock runs out.

2 years ago

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