New Law Allows California Residents Online Subscription Cancellation

Bob Hertzberg recently proposed a bill which allows any customers with online subscriptions to cancel them easily. The newly implemented law includes any service that involves already paying customers, and will also prove useful to customers outside the state.

The new bill addresses all services that offer an automatic re-subscription to customers ranging from streaming platforms to online websites, magazines and more. According to the law, if a customer subscribes to a service online, the service itself is required to provide convenient online cancellation. Through this method, customers can bypass the more conventional, and often hectic, cancellation procedures by directly contacting a company and enduring a long cancellation process over the phone.



The Senators bill also mandates that companies should be more clear on the offers they provide to new or current customers. If offering promotions such as free-trials or extended subscription days, the providing company must be fully clear on the prices to be charged once the trial or promotion comes to an end.


A clear and simple cancellation method must also be provided before any charges are placed. Companies are also required by law to ask if a customer would like to continue subscribing to their services once the promotions are over and the regular cost of a subscription is returned before charging a customer or automatically renewing their subscription.


A statement by Nieman Lab also said that many of the current operating businesses in California are adapting and making the necessary changes to comply with the new law.

2 years ago

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