New Huobi Pool Sub-Token to Give HT Holders 2 Billion Airdropped Tokens

As of the 20th of August, Huobi Tokens has issued its new sub-tokens, Huobi Pool Tokens. The move marks a milestone as the first sub-token issued under the ecosystem of HT.

HT holders will be eligible to have around 2 Billion HPT Airdropped to them, out of 10 Billion HPTs totally issued by Huobi. As well as HT holders, ONT, TRX, and EOS holders will be able to have HPT airdrops, provided their accounts have sufficient balance.

Otherwise, users who vote for TRX, ONT, and EOS block producers are eligible to obtain HPT, as well as BTC and BCH miners who contribute hash power to HP.


The news was followed by a high hit in the HT rates as they rose by 18% to 2.52USD. Then, as of now, the rates went down a bit to 2.20USD, but still are 3.5% higher than it was before the news.

Huobi clearly states that this is not their last sub-token to be issued, but rather the first of a series of new sub-tokens that will make the HT ecosystem more attractive to HT holders.

2 years ago

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