New Goldman Sachs Head Executive David Solomon is a Bitcoin Bull

Recently, the investment banking giant, Goldman Sachs announced that is new Chief Executive Officer will be David M. Solomon, take over from Lloyd Blankfein after his retirement later this year. Blankfein is a distinguished figure at the company and within the financial industry, having spearheaded the company through the recession of the 2000’s.


Head Executive

David Solomon is not your everyday banking investor. Involved investors are already expecting the soon-to-be CEO to bring a new light and rattle the company’s business to climb even further in the industry. Apart from his work at Goldman Sachs, David Solomon is a part-time DJ (believe it or not) and a dedicated fan of EDM.

Speaking about the company, David explained that it must continue evolving with the current flow of things and accustom itself to the current environment as a means of staying within the competition. Blankfein was previously heavily criticized for hindering the adaptation of the company.

According to reports, the company has excelled in terms of quarterly earnings, seeing gains of almost $2.5B in 2018’s second quarter alone.

Fresh Point of View

Unlike Blankfein, whose acceptance of cryptocurrencies has grown throughout his years at Goldman Sachs, David Solomon is heavily interested Bitcoin and altcoins. Last month, the resigning head executive officially stated that cryptocurrencies would be a success and to think otherwise was ill-advised. 

As of now, the company assists and supports other firms invested and involved in the crypto-economy and industry. Circle, one of the many companies in crypto, is also backed by Goldman Sachs. David has displayed a refreshing outlook on cryptocurrencies and it’s technology on behalf of the company, stating that its accepting attitude towards crypto will hold its own. 

As a reminder, the company previously denied any rumors that Blankfein would be leaving the firm. In a previous interview, the company added further denial that a digital exchange would be developed by them. Later reports still stated that the company was developing a trading desk. Due to the developments and initiatives, Goldman Sachs has applied for proper regulation and adoption of digital coins.

2 years ago

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