New Crypto Report Reveals More Than 50% of Capital Income in 2018

Grayscale Investments, a digital asset company, has released a report on the 18th of July which displays that a massive portion of 2018’s capital income is due to the increased institutional investors and their businesses.


The company has been involved in digital investments for almost half a decade and launched its BTC Investment Trust in 2013 before continuing to develop, even more, extending their services to Ethereum Classic, ZEC, LTC and other investment funding.

In the new report, institutional investments this year alone were responsible for more than 50% of all funding poured into the company’s products since the beginning of this year. Even though crypto-markets have been mauled by an unstoppable bearish attitude, the company stated that investments have reached unprecedented highs.

Through the 30th of June, the investment capital was just shy of $250 million, the company’s most beneficial fundraising in five years. As of recent, Grayscale is seeing almost $10 million in the capital on a weekly basis and more than half of that contributed to its Bitcoin trust. As part of Grayscale’s operations and the investors claiming more than half the share of its assets, the report reveals that individuals, retirement and family office accounts for 44 percent.

Constant funding

Out of the 44 percent involved, around 65 percent of newcomers were in the United States. Offshore investors and other regional investors made up the 65 percent with offshore attributed to 26 percent and regional for 10 percent.

Total investment averages for institutional investors racked up almost $850K with an additional $555K for family offices and $335K for retirement with almost $300K for private investors. The company’s latest report points to a massive potential in large-scale investors taking advantage of the year’s earlier plummet and making their introduction to the digital market.

A report from earlier this week also stated that the world’s largest asset management company, BlackRock, which holds and handles more than six trillion dollars, is also considering cryptocurrencies, resulting in major optimism among the community and industry.

2 years ago

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