New AI Television Enables Bitcoin Mining While Watching

A BTC mining company, Canaan Creative, is the second largest bitcoin technology producer in the world. Recently, the company announced a brand new T.V designed to function as an everyday television while mining bitcoin and allowing viewers to watch the process.

The T.V

The new product houses Canaan’s Avalon Miner able to process hash rates at 2.8T per second. Powered by A.I, the T.V also responds to voice commands. The company’s strongest crypto-miner allows it to process 11T hashes per second and any cryptocurrency mined by Avalon allows users to purchase a wide variety of products, services, and other goods.

According to news outlets within China, the new T.V is the first among several household appliances planned to host the Avalon miner within their systems. The new product follows closely after the company applied for an IPO last May. Many expect the IPO to climb to $1B. Many experts and analysts have expressed concerns regarding the new product. One BTC advocate, Xiao Lei, stated that the new T.V and its release seem to be a momentary hype and that the innovation itself would be better by introducing the technology into existing and popular T.V brands commonly seen in houses around the world.

Through the new tech, any BTC miner or newcomer can easily mine crypto from their very own home but given the rapid increase of the market, difficulties ensued. Bitcoin is incredibly difficult to mine due to its major status among the top ten digital currencies. Granted that its difficulty in mining comes down to a lack of using expensive tools, it comes down to the standalone cryptocurrency miner.

As a result of this, mining firms began rising rapidly and increasingly made mining harder for everyday individuals. As a means of tackling this very situation, Canaan has aimed to introduce simple and easy crypto mining into the everyday life of the average user through its new television and its mining capabilities.

2 years ago

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