NEO and Arqit Form Significant Resilient Blockchain Investigation Partnership

NEO, the worldwide Chinese instigated public blockchain venture revealed that NGD will be merging with Arquit.

The primary intention is to facilitate blockchain industry development. The company has been experiencing growth over the past few days. Aquit is a non-profit blockchain venture which carries out its operations in Singapore. NEO network is capable of quantum resistance which is its main feature.

NEO has a good brand name since it is one of the largest blockchain ventures and ecosystems across the globe. It leads other businesses in ensuring that the blockchain business is safeguarded. Such a step will ensure that there is accountability and transparency in the market. Investors should also be familiar with the current information to make wise investment decisions.

Arqit is among the leading ventures in quantum resistance technology. It is now focusing on how to create a significant resilient environment for companies. Additionally, it is playing an essential role in data encryption. This involves changing the data format to ensure that it does not make sense to those who hack the systems of the organization. In this case, the chance of losing Data to intruders is minimal. It has collaborated with higher learning institutions and companies to ensure that digital transactions are protected.

NEO and Arqit Form Considerable Resilient Blockchain Study Corporation

The development of quantum processors postures a major threat to ECC and RSA cryptographic devices. These computers have the capability of solving the integer factorization challenge which RSA depends on. ECC also relies on elliptic curve discrete logarithm. However, the computers are not able to solve the shortest vector problem. It is considered to be dependable algorithms to safeguard against quantum processors.

NEO is the developer of blockchain technology. Moreover, it is one of the largest platforms around the world. NEO should therefore, continue promoting the use of technology in specific areas like quantum cryptography. The company further revealed that it was happy to partner with Arqit to safeguard all blockchain communities. The measure will encourage more investors to commit their resources in cryptocurrency assets in future. This is because many individuals are reluctant to invest where they might lose their funds. Investor’s safety should remain the top priority of digital money entities.

Peter Lin, Administrator of R&D of NEO International Development:

The company should invest in research and innovation to bring new ideas into the business. NEO and Arqit should spread their partnership into areas of their interest. They should also promote the safety of blockchain technology.

2 years ago

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