Nebulas and Cocos Collaborate in an Effort to Transform the Gaming Industry with Block-tech

Nebulas is one of the top blockchain platforms around. Recently, the company has shaken hands with Cocos, a multi-platform free mobile game provider to work side by side on several projects and operations and support each of their communities through blockchain-tech and its merging with the gaming industry.

Blockchain Gaming

The technology has undoubtedly shaken the world through its advancements and applications to countless industries on a global scale and two leading companies within the gaming and blockchain industries are collaborating to integrate the two to revolutionize the industry.

Blockchain-tech and gaming are quickly developing into a promising merge that will no doubt have an unprecedented effect on the industry and provide countless applications and both companies are on a path to take the relationship all the way.

Each company will operate side by side and provide each other with their respective expertise and technology as well as involving each of their communities in the project to draw in as much advice and beneficial suggestions as possible. 

Developers have taken part in the NIP by Nebulas and managed to gather a whopping 170K participants in only two months. Over seven thousand decentralized applications have been developed, created and uploaded onto it’s mainnet. Cocos has gathered well over one million developers on a global scale and sees contributions from 300000 dedicated and active contributors on a monthly basis.

Building On Each Other’s Back

Nebulas will supply the founding technological requirements and assist Cocos with development. Users can construct their own apps on Cocos before releasing them on Nebulas’ blockchain as each company works together to advance the gaming industry using blockchain-tech.

Cocos provides users and developers with an environment to create and release new gaming products of their own. Unlike other platforms, Cocos is distinguished in that its efficiency in performance and compatibility is incredibly high as well as providing minor gaming packages.

It also provides a fully functional gaming platform to aid any developers and their decentralized applications and uploading them on the Nebulas platform. As a result of the partnership, Nebulas will see a huge array of creativity and new products on its platform. Following incredible success through the Nebulas Incentive project, the company has managed to develop and create dApps like Cell Evolution, a high-grade application. The company is adamant about the launch of a consistently advancing public blockchain environment. 

Both companies working together will have an unprecedented effect on gaming and its industry, providing incredible features to developers to easily and efficiently plan, design, create and release their own products. 

2 years ago

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