Concealing Bitcoin money with Images using the innovative Pixel Wallet

A continuous considerable measure of improvement has been seen on the Bitcoin Cash in the previous months. Presently, this month an exclusive product known as Pixel Wallet was established, enabling individuals to transmit Bitcoin money hidden in an image.

A Beta version of Pixel Wallet is launched on Main-net

There's another BTC invention known as Pixel Wallet, which furnishes clients the capacity to append Bitcoin exchanges to pictures. Fundamentally, BTC money clients can transmit and receive Bitcoins in a stegano-graphic way with the new wallet concealing assets on display. Pixel Wallet was declared and propelled on the BTC money test net in early this month, and the creators of the app clarified that this is a purely original invention. Presently, the beta stage of the app has been rolled out on Main-net and numerous BCH clients are exploring its different potential on different gadgets.

Evaluating the Application

Habitually, at, we chose to assess Pixel Wallet and perceive how it works in reality. We got the app from Playstore and installed it. At this point we did not possess a photo that is already appended with BTC so we required to load in a few cryptos in the wallet to begin the evaluation. The app offers clients a BTC cash address, which we used to put approximately $0.30 BTC in the wallet. Afterwards the cash reaches our Pixel-Wallet address, then hit the 'send' button to make a coded photo with the BTC within.

When sending, the app accesses the Android’s camera and captures an incomplete photo of a 7 by 7 block. At this point, clients can transmit the photo with BCH as an attachment to our e-mail or a text platform. We transmitted the attachment with $0.10 BCH concealed in the photo to our e-mail and afterwards exited the application. On the other hand, we accessed the receiving e-mail address, opened the attached file and then accessed the Pixel Wallet once more. Then we simply loaded the photo and decoded the picture with a password and the bitcoin cash is revealed. The procedure was genuinely instinctive however the app is somewhat glitch. At specific occasions it was hard to go back up and clear an error made or now and again the app would hang.

Concealing BTC in a Stegano-graphic Style is Appealing

Such cases are expected in beta versions, and in general the Pixel wallet is the original invention to permit connecting BTC with images created with a stegano-graphic design. Presently, individuals can conceal any quantity of BTC money in a photo using the Pixel Wallet as well as choose to code the photo or not. With a couple of extra developments and incorporating steadiness to the app, the Pixel wallet can become popular among users.

2 years ago

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