The National Currency will be Created in China

Information about this comes from various sources. We can trust the words of the former head of the People’s Bank of China. Xiaochuan Zhou spoke in Zhuhai at the Caixin Hengqin Forum. He said that the national currency is being developed for convenient retail payments.

November 26th, this interview was a real sensation. It was published by many media. Zhou has a lot of rational thoughts. He said that cryptocurrencies have developed enough to not be afraid to use them in such a large country as China.

In small countries, introducing the new is easier. It’s easier to control intermediate results and change in the right direction. However, China is not afraid of difficulties.

True, while in the country they do not think about using a national cryptocurrency for cross-border payments. Crypto yuan will be used to pay for goods and services. We also wrote what the scammers hacked Upbit today.

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1 year ago

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