National Cryptocurrency E-cedi will Appear in Ghana

The People’s Bank of China, the European Bank and several other regulators said their countries are considering creating national currencies. Ghana has become one of these countries.

At the banking event held on 26.11.19, the Governor of the Bank of Ghana spoke. According to Ernest Addison, the release of the E-cedi is being negotiated.

The timing of the appearance of the coin is not reported. However, it is known that many are interested in this cryptocurrency. And not only the authorities, but also the users.

In Africa, mutual settlements with the help of money from a mobile phone account are very popular. Last year alone, more than $ 1.4 billion was transferred during transactions.

The introduction of cryptocurrency will open a new payment channel. And this is just great news about cryptocurrencies. We also wrote what the national currency will be created in China.

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1 year ago

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