Naples Gears to Launch its Own Public Cryptocurrency

De Magistris made a long announcement on Facebook revealing a three-point plan that would lead Naples into being independent of Italy. Rather than being the Capital of Mezzogiorno, he stated, they are planning to become a global capital in finance.

Crypto for Freedom

De Magistris mentioned that one key part of the city’s plan is to use cryptocurrency to strengthen their economy. They feel that this would give the municipality better odds of achieving their goals. The announcement showed no other information regarding the details of the utilizing crypto in the plan itself.

Most of the announcement was a rant expressing de Magistris’s anger towards the government. He kept explaining how they are working for North Italy and creating unnecessary division. He also sheds light on the great history of Naples.

In the rest of the post, he details a three-point plant, including the importance of having a public cryptocurrency with no explanations of how it would be useful, how the people will get it, how they would create it, or any other additional info.

On top of that, de Magistris stated the commencement of a fight for the freedom of Naples and removing all the debt records of the city. He further explained that the mayor commented that the demands are not fair, so the former demands the removal of the parts that include expenses resulting from earthquakes and waste management.

The announcement was not met with the expected enthusiasm, however. A lot of comments stated that de Magistris keeps highlighting the past strength points and achievements of Naples, when the city at the moment it is not at its best.

2 years ago

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