NANO Performs Better Than XRP In A Fresh Binance Payment Test

Last year’s bull market confused many traders in the market. They started advising each other on which type of cryptocurrency they should purchase.


One of the factors they considered is the growth rate of each currency. During their study, most traders realized that Bitcoin and Ethereum networks were overcrowded, hence delaying digital money transfers.

Cyptocurrency investors realized that Litecoin was able to transfer moneys within a shorter duration across exchanges. This led to the skyrocketing of digital asset transactions which hit a $372 mark at the beginning of the year.

XRP To Transmit Resources Across Exchanges

Traders are now discovering that XRP is the fastest method of transferring moneys between exchanges. Many users want it to be added so as to to be included as base money on the digital money exchange of Binance. Many traders are hopeful that they will be able to execute their transactions quickly using this platform.

NANO Graded First While Going to Binance conducted a deposit speed examination test recently. The research,  discovered that NANO was the fastest digital money transfer platform. It even surpassed XRP which was highly ranked. XRP has drastically sunk from its first position and is now the fifth in this ranking. Stellar XLM is the second in the standings. However, these positions constantly change on an hourly basis as trading continues.

Further studies were conducted to find out why NANO was performing better than others in this speed test. It was later discovered that Binance is a representative on the NANO network. NANO tops the list because many traders prefer using it while executing transactions. The platform only takes 5 seconds before executing a transaction. Many investors find it convenient to use because of its fast and reliable service.

Other platforms should make efforts to improve the speed of operations to increase service delivery to customers.

2 years ago

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