NAGA WALLET Introduces ICO-Hub feature

NAGA’s new cryptocurrency environment is getting a new addition to its wallet service by introducing its ICO-Hub for users designed to provide clear, descriptive and professional initial coin offering information.


ICO’s are now much more accessible with NAGA’s new feature. As opposed to simply creating lists of active initial coin offerings, the company designed the ICO-Hub to organize, assess and detail each initial coin offering at the moment. The information provided on each one is analyzed by the company’s expert and professionals, verifying asset and risk control as well as ensuring the validity of each ICO before adding it to the hub.

The new hub feature provides users with an easier method of accessing and joining new ICO’s, providing the detailed information on which ICO is currently skyrocketing and allows them to participate through its digital assets including the company’s native coin, the NGC.

As an added bonus, users are constantly granted discounts and large bonuses based on participation. The hub also relocates all acquired assets from an ICO and safely transfers them to the rightful owner.

Beneficial Nature

The hub is also designed to provide ICO’s it deems valid with the company’s state of the art protective measures, ensuring the operations are not exposed to any criminal activity. Additionally, operating ICO’s are offered more public exposure on the platform as part of its ranking system and NAGA’s massive digital community.

Users can sift through initial coin offerings and handpick the highest rated ones to invest in, bringing in more funds to each project. NAGA’s community extends globally, with almost fifty-thousand registered users participating on the platform.

Last year, the company raised well-above $50M in funds after successfully concluding the second largest sale of tokens to over sixty-thousand buyers, providing the company with a well-known reputation and trusted service. The digital world is not the only environment NAGA is invested in. Part of its services includes foreign exchange market traders and more as part of almost half a million investors in its traditional exchange system.

2 years ago

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