MyEtherWallet Reports Security Breach After Hola VPN Hack

In the second event this year to be considered a breach of security, MyEtherWallet, a digital currency managing service online, has seen a security breach during the downtime of Hola VPN.


Referred to as MEW, the website sent out warnings to those using Hola as part of their web browser. MyEtherWallet is a digital wallet service provider, allowing users to access their assets and manage them accordingly like any crypto-wallet around. In their latest announcement, MEW said that many users operating the site and wallet through browsers with Hola active may have been part of the attack. MEW did state that only users with the VPN service active may have been affected.

The company has urged all its wallet owners and users to relocate their assets to another wallet if possible given the circumstances. As reported, the VPN service, Hola, was exposed and abused by the attackers for several hours and any user on MyEtherWallet at the time may have unwillingly played a part in the recent hack. According to the website, the location of the launched hack may have been Russia.


The website further added that any user operating during the time of the hack was completely spared and no harm was done to their accounts if they had not been operating Hola’s service at the time. As the website does not store personal user data online, their privacy was ensured and protection was guaranteed.

This is the second attack to target MyEtherWallet this year with the first incident resulting in more than $350000 stolen digital coins. As hacking attempts on crypto asset holders increases, companies are continuously resorting to different strategies to ensure user safety and protection.

2 years ago

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