Music Industry Welcomes Crypto and Blockchain Tech

Emerging popularity with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology has increased among the general public and has now infiltrated an institutional level interest. Varying industries such as agriculture, retail, tourism, entertainment, as well as the most recent, the music industry. The technology has caught the attention of many celebrities within the music business, with notable mentions on social media accounts to lyrical shout-outs to of favoured crypto coins. Not all industry professionals have had the same impression however. 


Humanitarian Efforts Through Blockchain Tech

Celebrity Peter Gabriel, former member of the known band Genesis, is among those who strongly believe in the possibilities offered by blockchain tech. As an avid humanitarian fundraiser and Labor Party supporter and key donator, Gabriel set his sights towards investing in the blockchain startup, Provenance. That investment has certainly help contribute to its growing success and overall expansion helping to enhance and establish transparency within the food production and transportation sector. This allows consumers a clear indication of the source of their food and how it reaches their markets. 

This food and health initiative powered by Provenance blockchain platform is predicted to be applied to more than a thousand food supply and production companies by the year 2025. In this way, the lead drummer of Genesis has helped launch his humanitarian efforts into the world of blockchain development. Other popular celebrities who have been known to promote ICOs and other crypto related assets include socialite Paris Hilton, Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather, and pop star sensation Katy Perry. 

Merging Music with Cryptocurrency

Another global celebrity, Bjork, has declared her interest in accepting crypto assets for the purchase of her music collaborating with UK based Blockpool in 2017 in order to allow fans to purchase her album entitled Utopia with tokens such as Dashcoin, AudioCoin, as well as Litecoin. 

Another famous vocalist, Imogen Heap, has also stated that digital currency has helped her efforts in more recent projects especially the release of her 2015 song entitled, Tiny Human on the Ether Blockchain. She also accepted ETC as a mode of payment for downloading the song. 

Likewise, another icon and celebrity singer, AKON, hit media spotlights with the release of his own token, the Akoin. He announced plans to create a crypto based city, as others within the hip hop industry including Kanye West are turning their attention to blockchain. West published a Tweet regarding the subject of blockchain and his plans to establish a decentralized music service app entitled Yeezy Sound. The platform would also accept payments in digital currency.  

2 years ago

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