MSE and Binance Announce First Decentralized Stock Exchange

Malta’s stock trade is collaborating with Binance, a leading digital currency trading platforms in the world. Additionally, Neufund, a company shares fundraising platform will join in on the effort a new decentralized international exchange. Designed on blockchain-tech, the EU will be able to create Equity Token Offerings as a means of legally raising funds through investing parties and is planned to launch this year.

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Eric Jackson, the chief executive officer of CapLinked explained that blockchain technology provides incredible benefits for securities issuance. As tokens deemed to be securities are much more efficient in terms of transactions, liquidity and more trusted solutions to proof of ownership. This includes an entirely new environment for centralized trading platforms and transaction facilitation services set to launch this year and its new total market capitalization could potentially reach a massive $1T cap within two years.

The new exchange will operate just like any other traditional stock exchange and Neufund is said to bring in businesses looking for capital gains through digital securities with a new process called the Equity Token Offering. The platform basically tokenizes actual stock shares which allow any company on earth to integrate financial funding of an initial coin offering with venture capital funds and traditional initial public offerings.

Neufund has been completely legalized, allowing any investment made to use Bitcoin and Ether as a means of creating a bridge between cryptocurrencies and traditional finance.


Neufund plans on support individual businessmen and new projects search for international liquidity. Through the new system, many of the incredibly unreasonable thresholds of commission by investments will be bypassed. With this new method, a certain rank of investors will be able to take part in deciding on which projects and innovations to invest in.

As stated by Neufund, one single share could possibly be worth at least one million tokens and owned by any party, from standalone individuals to the biggest names in the venture capital industry. For companies that have registered on Neufund’s list, it includes Brille24, Uniti, NBT and three other primary companies. While regulations are still underway, customers can still buy Binance tokens.

Neufunds founding member, Zoe Adamovicz, expressed the company’s excitement towards the new partnership with the MSE and Binance. An additional partnership, separate for MSE and the two exchanges was also made by the MSE. In collaboration with OKEx, one of the leading digital currency exchanges in the world, a plan to launch its OKSMSX platform is underway, taking another major step in the development of financial technology.

2 years ago

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