Most Talked About Cryptos on Twitter Revealed

When it comes to talking about cryptocurrencies, Twitter is considered to be among the most popular platforms for such subject matter. Recent research revealed the leading 10 cryptos mentioned on Twitter within the span of one hour on 26 October and it seems TRX has taken the top spot.


As soon as the list was tweeted through, Justin Sun, the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Tron, quickly retweeted the post showing off how his decentralized network, designed for digital entertainment, had been ranked number one.

BTC, the biggest digital currency in terms of market capitalization, closely followed in second place. ETH and EOS, considered Tron’s primary competitors, came in at 3rd and 9th, respectively. TRX was mentioned 1,972 times, while BCH came in last with just 297 mentions.  

The Top of the List

Sun is highly active as a Twitter user and that has been one of the major reasons that Tron claimed the lead. Also, Tron is regularly mentioned via news outlets for its accomplishments, with the latest being a $3 million donation by Tron to the Blockchain Charity Foundation from Binance.

Sun also had a meeting with Daniel Haudenschild, Chief Executive Officer of Swisscom in Switzerland, in which they talked about possible future collaborations. Sun has expressed his desire to continue working on improving Tron Dapps’ quantity as well as its quality in hopes of surpassing ETH.    

BTC was second on the list. The currency that started it all has noticeably had few interesting weeks because it hasn’t fluctuated in the middle of a major sell-off within the stock market. How stable BTC is says a lot about the stability of the whole market.

ETH, on the other hand, which is the 2nd largest digital currency in terms of market capitalization after BTC, has recently taken a hit with its hard fork upgrade, Constantinople, being postponed until the coming year. The ETH platform has been in a panic as it faces stiff competition from new platforms like Tron. But ETH is still a very popular and highly trusted digital currency, which makes it quite attractive for investors because they see its price picking up in the near future. Regardless of market performance, BTC and ETH will always be popular topics.

Furthermore, XRP and LTC placed 4th and 5th, respectively. It has been reported that Ripple was able to sell just over $160 million in XRP even though the market is not at its best. Ripple has also teamed up with a startup company based in Prague by the name of Amore Finance.  

The Bottom of the List

The five cryptos to rank at the bottom of the list were NEO, ADA, XLM, EOS, and lastly BCH in that order. NEO had started to work with decentralization when it voted a Dutch telecom company, KPN, as a part of its consensus node. NEO had also hosted a hackathon in Berlin, with a new one planned for St. Petersburg. Furthermore, EOS has been using global hackathons to promote their platform as well.

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