Moscow to Utilize ETH blockchain to Manage Allotment of Farmers Trade Areas

Moscow is proceeding with the project to build up a framework utilizing the ETH blockchain that will rearrange the allotment of trading plots to farmers.

The framework is intended to dispense about 1,500 market spots which will be accessible every year with twenty thousand farmers battling for a solid footing in the April to Nov. agrarian season. Everyone is vigorously competing for a source of revenue with the Russian and other agrarians from different federation republics including Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia and Kazakhstan all competing for a spot to sell their produce at the country's capital city.

Alongside assigning market places, blockchain will assist with recording all the submissions and retaining particulars of the individuals whose submissions have been declined to operate in the market area. Blockchain director at Moscow Municipal, Andrey Borodyonkov views the utilization of blockchain as a colossal benefit, remarking, "Blockchain is an extra assurance that the applications received stay permanent and can give an account of all the applications made."

Up to this point, farmers have been experiencing problems with the present technique for dispensing trade areas, getting practically no explanations from the Municipal why failed applications to operate in the city have been declined. However, with the blockchain framework, all claims of bribes or interfering with application process will be eliminated. An administration report proposed:

"The whole info-set is straightforward, visible to the public and accessible for downloading. Therefore, the time of submitting the request can be affirmed also the requests can't be erased or changed by anyone given it is entered."

Andrey Belozerov, a consultant to Moscow Municipality, is pleased with the result as he considers it to be clarifying any queries or doubts the farmers may have.

"We trust that farmers ought to have an open framework to understand all the reasons why their requests have been denied or affirmed... blockchain ensures that the procedure is completely straightforward and nobody can change a submission. We trust that blockchain will give complete openness to everybody."

Lately, the Moscow Municipal, has introduced another office namely, Product Blockchain. It is obvious the Municipality is willing to put the new innovation into business use at managerial level since employing blockchain engineers two years ago.

2 years ago

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