Moretti Reaps Big From Bitcoin Real Estate Company

The experienced agent stated that many buyers were willing to buy properties using bitcoin. 


How Moretti Got Into Bitcoin Real Estate Business

Cryptocurrencies are changing the way transactions are being conducted across the world. Different sectors are now finding ways to deploy cryptos. Piper Moretti has come up with a new way to transact in real estate for the benefits of clients.

Moretti has been in real estate for years and had no plans to use Bitcoins. Over the years, clients have been enquiring if they can purchase property using Bitcoins. Following the challenge, Moretti began to explore the sector to determine how Bitcoins can be used in transactions.

She went ahead to integrate Bitcoins in a number of transactions. After a clear analysis, Moretti decided to roll out the new payment system. She launched The Crypto Reality Group. Since inception, the venture has been involved in about five transactions using Bitcoins. Moretti has also transformed into an opinion maker for those seeking to use cryptocurrencies in real estate.

Speaking during an interview, Moretti said that she has become a consultant for interested people across the globe. Moretti said that she enjoys sharing the idea to old agents who don't want to switch to the new technology.

Speaking on the blockchain technology, Moretti said that the system is poised to change the entire real estate sector. She points out that with blockchain, cases of contracts with human errors will be reduced. She added that the technology has the potential of reducing the escrow period from about 60 days to a few days.

However, Moretti urged buyers to be cautious when deploying the new technology. She pointed out that, while dealing in cryptocurrencies, challenges have come up and a number of agents are not equipped with the right skills to handle such challenges.

Moretti’s Involvement In Blockchain Start-Ups

Apart from real estate, Moretti is also taking part in other blockchain projects. She is part of the CPROP platform which offers prospective homeowners an open instant data in the home purchasing process. The platform is aimed at promoting efficiency while promoting trust among consumers in the real estate business. Additionally, Moretti is part of the Block66, a mortgage providing service. The platform uses blockchain to facilitate the quick provision of capital.

Moretti is also part of the Los Angeles Blockchain Lab and the International Blockchain Real Estate Association where she serves as an advisor. Additionally, she has appeared as a speaker during several blockchain forums across the US.

For individuals who want to venture into the new technology for the sake of their businesses, Moretti calls for patience. She stressed the importance of aligning yourself with a good crypto exchange platform.

2 years ago

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