More Indian States Integrate Blockchain To Streamline Operations

It's without a doubt that India is taking a lead in revolutionizing operations through the use of blockchain technology.


Indian State Signs Deal To Integrate Blockchain In Operations

In the course of 2018, Indian states have shown interest in deploying blockchain technology to promote efficiency in different sectors. Recently, the state of Telangana has shown an interest in integrating blockchain technology in curbing corruption among state institutions.

Moments before the announcement, the state had rolled out blockchain technology in the land registry and other revenue collecting departments. The sectors had been rampant with bribery. On the other hand, the state of West Bengal will deploy blockchain to enhance administrative tasks like providing certificates.

Blockchain technology is characterized by openness. This ability has been the decisive factor for many jurisdictions that seek to promote transparency. It should not be seen as a surprise to witness many governments coming on board.

The state of Manipur in India is the latest to follow suit with blockchain integration. The state has reached a MoU with Lynked.World. The partnership is meant to explore different ways blockchain technology can be used to enhance governance. The partnership will look into healthcare, education among other sectors.

Once the system is rolled out, residents of Manipur will be able to apply and access a number of services without leaving their homes. In hospitals, blockchain technology will be used to safely keep patient’s records, doctor appointments among other services. Hospital employees will also be issued digital identification cards. All these upgrades are geared towards promoting openness and safety.

According to ICOBOX boss Daria Generalova, his firm will help Lynked. World to issue their product into the market in a convenient manner. Daria expressed his delight with the project Addressing the media, he stated that many government operations are hard to navigate due to their bureaucracy. He pointed on that citizens usually find it hard to acquire any of a number of services.

Daria said that already established systems can be complex even for government workers. He added such complex systems can ruin service delivery due to the chaos they create. He added that in such cases, security breaches are likely to occur hence compromising user data.

Daria deeded that with the Lynked.World systems, such challenges will be eliminated while enhancing service delivery. He urged other countries to follow suit and adopt blockchain technology.

2 years ago

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