Module Reduces Hard Cap of $30M on Token Sale to $18M

Operating out of Hong Kong, the dApps platform called Module has announced a cut down of their MODL token sale and its hard cap which originally topped at $30M but will now be dropped down to $18M during their initial coin offering in August.

More Focus

Announcing that the hard cap will be reduced points to a more intricate focus on their end-goal and are currently on the right path to produce a new modernized product next year and a few of its features will be available this year. Module was the main cause of great excitement in June after raising $2M from their token pre-sale. Expectations of that revenue far exceeded what everyone was expecting and led Module to their $5M soft cap. Another positive note is that the company’s business-sector has also been seeing positive gains and contributed to the review of the initial $30M hard cap.

The project is dedicated to expanding the related environment through easy and user-friendly cryptocurrency mining as well as cloud sharing services. By utilizing free storage of any device globally connected online, cryptocurrency mining goes into effect and presents a peer to peer housing service for cloud data.

Platform users are awarded MODL coins under certain conditions, namely shared space on devices, how long mining has been going on in said device and the number of authorized transactions. Module is also incredibly eco-friendly and bypasses the need for PoW procedures that rely on custom hardware and instead utilizes its own PoSTT procedure, standing to space, time and transaction. 

Keeping a Secret

Module includes a new creative method of cloud data storage known as secret sharing. As a means of extra security measures against fraudulent activities and attempts to protect users due to how the procedure stores data and then splits it into several segments before storing the data on many unrelated places of a mobile device. Since Module is completely decentralized, it may possible disrupt leading blockchain companies like Ethereum. 

As long as you own a mobile device, complete and seamless access to the platform can be had given the completely decentralized system the company plans on launching. Participants will also be able to create their own dApps and include a two-sided approach for professionals in need of digital contracts and their storage at minimal cost.

2 years ago

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