Mitek Introduces Customer ID Verification for Trading Platform DXE

Mitek has recently announced plans to supply DXE, a digital asset trading platform, with a new means of identifying customers through an automated identification verification system designed to abide by the new regulations implemented globally regarding anti-money laundering.

The new technology designed by Mitek aims to assist DXE in providing complete “Know Your Client” verification for all customers trading and exchanging on the platform. This comes as part of a global effort to combat money-laundering through cryptocurrency exchanges, especially with the rising number in thefts reported since the beginning of this year.

The Vision

As part of DXE’s goal, the company aims to provide all its customers with secure and stable methods of digital asset trading, as well as ensuring its accessibility to any and all traders. The exchange is also adamant on providing proper authentication and KYC processes, and aims to abide by all new regulations implemented by authorities.

Cryptocurrencies are drawing more attention to themselves on a daily basis due to the number of illegal activities and hacking attempts related to digital assets, with crypto-regulators keeping a close eye on any changes and suspicious behavior an exchange might display.

The new technology by Mitek allows DXE to verify any newly registered customers instantly. Under the name of Mobile Verify, newly designed artificial intelligence quickly adapts to any situation through machine learning. Verification is also possible for new customers by simply taking a picture of their ID with their phones and sending the information through the new system.

2 years ago

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