Miners Sue Bitmain for $5 million

More than 100 miners led by US citizen Gor Gevorkyan want to get $5 million from Bitmain. Supposedly, the company illegally mined cryptocurrency on users’ devices.

According to Coindesk, 100 miners filed a lawsuit against Bitmain - the largest manufacturer of mining equipment in the world. US citizen Gor Gevorkyan headed the litigation.

Plaintiffs stated that the full setting of Bitmain mining equipment takes a long time. And while the "calibration" is underway, the devices are mining cryptocurrency in favor of Bitmain.

Gevorkyan said he bought Bitmain ASICs for Bitcoins mining in January of this year. He had difficulty setting up the equipment. While he was doing it, the ASICs worked at full strength consuming electricity. The mined cryptocurrency was sent to the Bitmain wallet. This situation lasted until the plaintiff did not connect the equipment with its own cryptocurrency wallet.

According to the lawsuit, potential victims want to get $5 million from Bitmain for utilizing illegal practice. Bitmain completely denies the charges.

1 year ago

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