Millions Watch Blockchain Commercial During World Cup

As millions tuned in to watch the World Cup in Russia, an advertisement by Hdac revealed the company’s blockchain services, taking a new approach to blockchain exposure through a television ad. The cryptocurrency and blockchain communities reacted positively to the company’s idea of promoting the technology to millions of people globally.



Hyundai Digital, based in the town of Zug, had paid for an advertisement during the World Cup, revealing the company’s true nature with the word “Blockchain” appearing on millions of television screens. Through the ad, the company promoted the blockchain-related technology and the support of cryptocurrencies as well.


The advertisement itself opens to a future involving a family utilizing blockchain-developed technology for everyday home improvement and lifestyle. Machines around the house begin operating on their own once the family leaves, displaying the power behind machine communication and functions such as maintaining the house while its owners are away. The ad aims to show a future where blockchain technology has been integrated into everyday life and how it can be applied to potentially anything.


Through the promising power of blockchain, connected networks will reshape the coming future and a digitally connected world will be powered through the advancement of this technology, as the ad tries to explain. The company has also stated that it will play the advertisement several times during the World Cup.



While advertising blockchain during a major sports event may be a first, Hdac has ensured that almost half the human world has seen this commercial as calculated measures of World Cup activity accumulates to that number. As a new step for blockchain overall, exposure to the technology and its uses draws more interest and attention to the company and industry.


The company’s website explains that blockchain tech can be introduced into several appliances and services including homes, offices, production companies and more. The company firmly states that machine interaction for internet-of-things devices and contracts construct a platform for transactions and possible consumptions. Last year, Hdac managed to raise $250 million in funds through an ICO before the company was hacked and forced to shut down withdrawal transactions.


While the advertisement doesn’t reveal much, Hdac has plans to air it at least 80 more times during the World Cup.

2 years ago

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