Milestone as Google Joins the Blockchain Community

The development published by LSE is a major milestone towards the mainstream blockchain deployment. 


Google Cloud to Integrate Blockchain

Tech giant Google is known to be friendly to blockchain in addition to cryptos. This should be obvious because as tech firm such as Google should be pro-technology 

According to the London School of Economics report, Google was now venturing into blockchain. LSE notes that Google Cloud will be linked with at least two blockchain projects.

Digital Asset, is one of the projects that will be integrated into Google cloud. 

The project is a product of US-based firm that deals in DLT solutions. It will be used in the Google Cloud private beta initiative meant to simplify smart contracts developments. The development is a clear indication that Google is actively exploring the blockchain.

What Does it Mean For The Blockchain Community

The development should be viewed as a serious bonus for the blockchain community. The move will accelerate the mainstream deployment of  blockchain since Google is a big brand. The brand will help enhance trust among individuals with a cold shoulder towards the blockchain.

For years, many have viewed blockchain as a solution for many industries globally. If  Google adopts blockchain, it means that such gaps will be filled immediately. Globally, many developers do not have a standardized anchor for smart contracts. Google’s new system will address the issue.Such a requirement is key for developers, but it will not be easily available. 

Adoption of blockchain technology in the mean stream is still facing a number of obstacles along the way and Google is seeking to eliminate these issues. It is expected that the technology will be integrated into the internet. 

Google’s friendliness to the blockchain will make the technology easily available for adoption due to a partnership with Digital Assets. The new platform is expected to be endorsed by major firms like Microsoft

The LSE report concluded that Google’s move towards the blockchain is a great step towards large scale roll out. The partnership might not solve all issues around the blockchain but it is considered to be a major development.

However, Google should come out and clarify on it’s final standing regarding blockchain since it will be a major decision for the community.

2 years ago

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