Microsoft’s GitHub Acquisition Now in the Hands of EU

The crypto community has raised concerns over the deal and in case EU discovers any flaws, investigations will be launched. 


EU Set to Approve Microsoft’s Acquisition of GitHub

US-based tech firm Microsoft is awaiting the final decision before fully taking over GitHub. According to Reuters reports, Microsoft is awaiting an approval from the European Union. Microsoft acquired GitHub for $7.5 billion.  Media reports indicate that Microsoft requested the EU to review the acquisition last week on Friday.

GitHub is a hosting platform. Under the platform, developers source code is hosted in a variety of programming languages. The platforms then tracks any changes made. By 2017, data indicated that GitHub had enrolled about 24 million developers with the repository base standing at 67 million.

Under Microsoft, GitHub will now seek to advance its operations. GitHub now plans to match firms like Amazon through strengthening its cloud computing section. However, the acquisition can still be cancelled in case the EU discovers a number of anomalies in the entire transaction. Investigations can be launched.

Serious concerns Raised Over the Deal

This comes at a time when crypto enthusiasts raised a number of issues about Microsoft’s acquisition. It is alleged that Microsoft issued discretion regarding content to be posted on GitHub. Despite the concerns, Microsoft Chief Executive Satya Nadella noted that GitHub’s operations will not be tampered with.  Many claimed that GitHub might eventually be biased towards Microsoft products.

In August, Microsoft launched Azure on its cloud platform. Azure is a PoA, established on the ethereum product is meant to permit efficient means of setting up DApps for private systems.

Elsewhere, Amazon cloud computing section AWS inked a deal with Kaleido. Kaleido is ConsenSys’ blockchain backed firm. The partnership was meant to ease the gap between cloud systems and customers. Kaleido backed by ethereum offers businesses with already established blockchain apps.

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