Microsoft Partners With Nasdaq To Incorporate Azure In NFF

The Azure blockchain has recently undergone various upgrades to enhance performance efficiency.


Nasdaq Users To Operate On Different Blockchains

Giant software development firm, Microsoft, is set to incorporate the Azure Blockchain system into a product for Nasdaq. In a press statement, Microsoft stated that the system will be integrated into Nasdaq Financial Framework. Nasdaq is a renowned stock exchange.

Azure blockchain technology is a product that was developed to offer software for trading structures. Additionally, it offers to outsource operations. Following the integration, Nasdaq’s goal of risk and surveillance technology needs will be solved.

Under the deal, all players will come up with a ledger agnostic blockchain capability. This technology will permit operations with different ledgers. In simpler terms, the deal will play a key role in enhancing buyer and seller matching. Additionally, it will be used in running deliveries and settling payments on any given transactions.

Furthermore, the Azure system will enable NFF users to use different blockchains via a single interface. The integration should play a vital role in blockchain growth.

Tom Fay, a  senior official from Nasdaq stated that the deal will eliminate some of the barriers that exist when it comes to linking blockchain to already established structures. He stated that clients will be guaranteed a secure system with high scalability. Fay added that they will keep on studying the sector to find out how it can improve customer service.

Prior to the development, Nasdaq announced a blockchain patent. The patent will be aimed towards churning out instant information in a secure manner through blockchain technology. The firm plans to use the patent in releasing briefings to the press.

In September, during a sit-down with Cointelegraph, Bill Dague from Nasdaq stated that the firm was looking into crypto datasets as part of its market analysis mechanism. It is not clear if the product will be released onto the market.

About two months ago, Azure released the PoA algorithm via the ethereum blockchain system. The protocol is guided by the principle of approved identities on an open ledger. It eliminates any rivalry when it comes to finalizing transactions.

The latest feature under Azure comes with unique features that enhance efficient functionality and security. Among the new features available is an identity leasing protocol and a governance DApp.

2 years ago

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