A Microchip Manufacturer Faces Decreasing Crypto Mining Demands

TSMC  is a microchips manufacturing company, that manufactures microchips for some of the whales in the tech industry. TSMC  has cut-down its approximate corporate expenses and yearly earnings as a result of a reduction in the growth estimates of crypto mining and smartphones fields.

TSMC has reduced its revenue budget expected for this year to a one-digit percentage after setting it at 10% and reduced its corporate spendings to $10B USD after setting it at 11.5-12 Billion dollars, due to the lowering demands for sophisticated microchips utilized in the crypto mining field as miners face tighter governance and price fluctuations.

TSMC’s Makes Profits 

During Q2 of this year, TSMC recorded a rise in net profits of 9% which is equivalent to 2.3 Billion US Dollars from 2017. 21% of these profits came from the sales of the PCs field which represents a 12% increase in comparison with last year. They reported that revenues increased by 11%  and arrived at 7.85 Billion US Dollars, which meets the corporate’s budget for April of this year.

As per the CFO’s statement to the media, they expect to gain from designing new products while the demands in the crypto mining field decreases starting the second quarter of the year.

TMC’s Market Expectations

In April, TMSC had reduced its expected growth rate from 15% to 10% while announcing the increasing crypto mining industry’s demands and expected that they would continue to grow. However, it expected a lower demand in a specific product line that is utilized in mining hardware.

A cryptocurrency news portal has reported, earlier this month, that the prices in the GPUs digital currency market have been rapidly decreasing; Although, the crypto mining had resulted in an acute increase in the cost of sophisticated graphics cards at the end of 2017 and the start of 2018.

2 years ago

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